New Photos of Cheap Plastic iPhone Leaked

Cheap iPhone Plastic

Cheap iPhone Plastic

Apple has been long rumored to be working on a cheap iPhone model which would reportedly feature a plastic body. The company has put its recent efforts to make the iPhone available on all-major carriers in the U.S and worldwide. Its next efforts seem to be to introduce a lower-priced “cheap” iPhone to dominate the mid-priced smartphone range.

Samsung is a major competitor to Apple and the Korean giant offers smartphones at all price-tiers from low to expensive. Apple’s iPhone is also available at different price points with the iPhone 4 being free and iPhone 4S at $99 with a two-year contract. However, these models often do not run the latest software or all the features due to hardware limitations.

Apple’s aim to introduce a new cheap iPhone model could be to make sure the hardware is capable of running the latest innovations in the iOS but reduce the cost with the use of cheap materials or using lower-resolution cameras.

The web has been abuzz with reports of leaked images of the prototypes of cheap plastic iPhone model. Macrumors and Coccarese Design have gathered mock-up  images of the rumored iPhone which show the plastic iPhone in different color casing. These images are purely based on speculation and reports published by the media.

Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 5S later this fall and the company is also rumored to announce the cheap iPhone during the same event. Apple’s executives have on record mentioned that the company would never produce a “cheap” phone. The company has a history of denying certain products publicly but then later introducing the product as a surprise move to shock and confuse competitors.


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