Apple to Launch Cheaper iPhone Alongside iPhone 5S – Rumor

iPhone 5S Next iPhone Cheaper

iPhone 5S Next iPhone Cheaper

Rumors about Apple’s next iPhone 5S are popping up all over the internet, with reports coming directly out of Apple’s supply chain. These new rumors suggest that Apple will be launching the cheaper iPhone alongside the iPhone 5S, instead of launching the two separately over the course of the year.

Topeka Capital Market analyst Brian White reported on the iPhone 5S earlier this week, and after attending a trade show in China, reiterated this latest claim about both iPhones launching at one event. As mentioned before, both of the iPhones are expected to release in June, with White previously reporting on a June/July release date.

In White’s report earlier this week, he noted that the iPhone 5S would likely have the same 4 inch screen size as the current iPhone 5 and that the fingerprint scanning technology would be the signature feature in the next iPhone, similar to Siri on the iPhone 4S. White has been reporting on a number of claims that have appeared across the web, making it very likely that an iPhone 5S and a cheaper iPhone will, in fact, be launching later this year.

{Via AppleInsider – Image Credit: iMore}


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