iPad set to outsell Apple Mac Computers Internationally

AppleInsider are reporting that Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets estimates that 600,000 – 700,000 iPads will be sold overseas (meaning outside the US) in June. And some believe the number may even go higher still. Apparently the entire stock of iPads for the international launch are now spoken for in their entirety when split between retail outlet allocations and online orders.

In contrast, the current estimate for Apple Macintosh computers to be sold outside the US in June is 500,000 units.

Abramsky had this to say :

Industry contact feedback and previously published surveys point to strong international demand, supported by media reports of long lineups at Apple stores, and strong demand for iPads.

iPads appear to be stocked out already at some stores and resellers, particularly in countries like Japan, Australia, and U.K. Online availability has been further delayed, to a vague ‘June,’ from June 7 (prior to which was May 28).

What is really interesting about the current retail areas for iPads is that they only cover 18 of the 88 countries that Apple currently sells the iPhone into. They do however account for around 50% of Apple’s overseas international revenues.

Apple has not even confirmed dates for the next 20 territories to get the iPad, and after that the remaining 50 territories have not even had a mention in Apple’s plans yet.

Abramsky also noted that the iPad is selling at about 200,000 units per week currently in the US. By contrast Apple sells around 110,000 Macs in the same period there.

In conclusion he sees Apple selling as many as 8.1 million iPads in 2010. Assuming they can ramp up manufacturing sufficiently. Personally I think they may well surpass that number by year end.

Apple changing its name from Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple, Inc. back in 2007 seems quite prescient now.
Their core business is now without doubt handheld mobile devices, and not traditional computers.

Did you pick up an iPad in one of the new countries that have it on sale this weekend? Let us know about your personal experience in the comments.



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