iPad 3 “Home Button” Parts Circulating In China? (Photo)

ipad 3 home button

ipad 3 home button

Rumors of Apple’s iPad 3 have been swirling for quite some time now, from speculations on design, camera improvements, and performance boosts from an A6 chip. However, on Monday, an image published by 9to5Mac showed what was claimed to be two iPad home buttons. One was that of the current iPad 2, and the other was claimed to be that of an iPad 3, expected for release early next year.

The ‘iPad 3’ home button is visibly smaller than that of the iPad 2 and highlights a smaller icon on the face. While this may be a small cosmetic tweak by Apple, it is very likely that Apple may be looking to do away with the home button altogether or may be planning a smaller bezel of some sorts. Rumors of a 7” iPad also emerged this past weekend, and it could be in connection with these images.

Steve Jobs, prior to his resigning from CEO out rightly stated that a 7” iPad is too small, and 10” is the standard for a comfortable experience. If Apple is going to minimize the iPad in some form, the home button is definitely a great indication to gauge future screen and bezel sizes. The iPad 3 is expected to be announced sometime early next year, between the months of February and April, much like the announcement of the original iPad an iPad 2.

What do you think this means? Would you be interested in purchasing a 7” iPad?

{via MacRumors}


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