iPad 3 to be Thicker, With Same Smart Cover Support?

iPad 3 Thicker

iPad 3 Thicker

Japanese blog Macotakara claims to have recieved information from an Asian supplier about Apple’s plan for the next gen iPad 3. The report suggested that the iPad 3 may be slightly thicker than the current iPad 2, but will still retain the 9.7” screen size, as well as Smart Cover support.

According to Asian supplier which provides part for next iPad, next iPad has same size of screen, but case may be thicker by unknown reason. Current iPad cases, which covers backside, will not be compatible with thicker next iPad.

Also the source told, front rounding corner will be same with current iPad, then Smart Cover will be good companion with new iPad.

The site also displayed the image above in its report which may just be an image of the backsie of the iPad 3, which looks to be thicker than the iPad 2, but closely resembles the original iPad. Macotakara has a track record of presenting accurate information about Apple products, including their claim that the iPhone 4S would be announced early October with a release later in the month. They also suggested that the iPad 3 would debut then, but recounted that claim following other reports that Apple would be moving the iPad 3 release to 2012.

A thicker iPad could mean that Apple is including a number of improvements into the device, which could also include a better camera, and other features from the iPhone 4S. Apple’s move to retain the Smart Cover, will be widely praised, as most customers could be looking to re-use them for the new device. Any cases for the back however, will need to be repurchased.


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