eBoo – space adventures HD Review: Tempts you with its easy-going style

eBoo - space adventures HD iPad-1

eBoo - space adventures HD iPad-1

[rating: 3/5]

eBoo – space adventures HD RevieweBoo is a cute, kid-style game where you pilot a flying saucer through courses in the hopes of collecting stars, flipping switches and levers, avoiding obstacles and eventually fighting battles and saving the world.

You are a green, square-ish creature that is recruited into the army to pilot a flying saucer. Your drill instructor helps you out, but also keeps you in your place like all good drill instructors do. You are given many tasks and courses to master, all of which are progressively harder. Eventually you go on battle missions that put those skills to the test.

eBoo - space adventures HD iPad-2

The controls are easy enough, on the right there’s a “button” to make your craft rise and on the left there are arrows to send it left or right. It can be tricky to control though, it takes more than a steady hand. And additional buttons are added along the way for additional controls, such as magnets to lift things, which seem to require a third hand. A fair amount of motor skill is required for that, which may be beyond young children.

eBoo - space adventures HD iPad-3

I have to admit that I’m torn about this game. It seems simple enough. It’s easily understandable and the controls are obvious, even for children. But actually controlling your craft and navigating the course are more difficult than the cutesy feel to the game would lead you to believe. It seems aimed at kids, but may prove too difficult for them.

eBoo - space adventures HD iPad-4

For adults, though, the game will prove to be a light-hearted, yet difficult, challenge. The cartoon style graphics, music, and sound effects are all fun. But the skill and strategy to the game will probably have you cussing not smiling. It’s got plenty there to keep you going. It’s also integrated with GameCenter and Facebook if you’re looking to challenge others.

This is a game that tempts you with its easy-going style, but don’t let it fool you – it’s harder than it looks.


  • Only a few controls to learn
  • Big hotspots for the controls (fat finger friendly)
  • Progressively more difficult, but advances the story to keep you motivated


  • Requires a fair amount of skill to maintain a steady course
  • Could be beyond the capabilities of younger children (it’s rated 4+)
  • The short “mission briefs” repeat each time you fail



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