Apple Releases New ‘Thunderbolt cable’, $1500 RAID Systems

Apple Thunderbolt Cable

Apple Thunderbolt Cable

Apple on Tuesday released a Thunderbolt cable for faster data transfers and the latest addition to Apple’s online store will cost you $49. The Thunderbolt cable measures 2 meters and supports the next-generation data port found on Apple’s latest iMacs and MacBook Pros.

The cable can also be used in a Target Disk Mode between two Macs or to make a Thunderbolt-equipped iMac serve as a display for a new MacBook Pro or any other pieces of tech that you own that supports the latest technology in data transfer.

Apple also added a number of RAID systems to their store, ranging anywhere from $1500 to $2000. The systems are as follows:

  • The least expensive option is the Promise Pegasus R4 with 4TB of data. It features four 1TB 7200-rpm drives delivering over 500MB/s of disk performance.
  • For $1,499, the Pegasus R4 can be doubled to 8TB, operating at the same 500MB/s.
  • For more speed, Apple offers the Promise Pegasus R6. It includes six 1TB 7200-rpm hard drives that deliver over 800MB/s of disk performance for $1,499.
  • Finally, the R6 can also have twice the storage with the 12TB offering, priced at $1,999.

Thunderbolt was introduced with Apple’s new MacBook Pro model and was a jont project between Apple and Intel. Thunderbolt has the potential to be included into new USB, which has had a grim impact on technology (eg. USB 3.0). It could be used to sync iPhones, iPods, and iPads at faster speeds and could allow the iPad to connect to TVs faster through HDMI support.

Currently, Apple’s Thunderbolt cable and RAID systems are the only products supporting lighting fast transfers.

{via AppleInsider}


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