Apple Product Displays Begin Appearing in Walmart Stores


Apple has been expanding their retail stores all over the world, with over 357 retail stores worldwide with plans to build a number of others in China and the United States. Now, Apple is expanding their retail efforts by setting up new product displays in Walmart stores around the country. Although Best Buy has had smaller Apple product displays in their stores for quite some time, this is the first time that Apple has introduced such a wide variety of products and accessories in a major retail outlet other than its own stores. The first Apple Store within a store was spotted in an Arkansas Walmart, where ifoapplestore snapped a couple of pictures and posted them online.

A report from 9to5Mac also speculated that the displays may be a prototype for future expansion into the Sam’s Club retail chain, which is the warehouse retail division of Walmart. Sam’s Club is usually within the same retail area as Walmart and are readily available in areas that do not have a local Apple Store. The new displays have back-lit graphics, just like the Apple Stores, the same classic wood table, the iconic array of display products and under-table accessory storage.

The under-table accessory storage features the same products available in the Apple Store, with anything from chargers, docks and headphones. This new display is available in Lowell, a town of 7,500 residents. The town does not have a local Apple Store, and would therefore benefit from the new store within a store at the local Walmart. At this point, this is the only known Apple Store within a Walmart in the United States, however, Apple will likely expand this idea into other Walmart Store, and maybe eventually Sam’s Club as well. This is a great idea not only for Apple and its retail expansion, but for the other retail stores such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

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