Apple iPad Apps, many with the suffix HD, show up in iTunes

It seems that a few iPad apps and games are starting to pop up in the iTunes App Store today.

The incredibly popular Parachute Panic, which boasts 4 Million+ downloads as well as Scoreloop Social Gaming integration has just shown up as “Parachute Panic HD”. [iTunes Store]

Doing a search for iPad today in iTunes 9.1 now shows up quite a few iPhone/iPad Apps. And there is actually a dedicated section for “iPad Apps” in the results.

Some of the usual favorites are visible such as TweetDeck, FlightTrack etc. all showing as either “Compatible with iPad” or “This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad” in their descriptions. Presumably depending on whether it is a dedicated iPad app or a Universal app, respectively.

Searching for “HD” in iTunes yields similar results.

It’s nice to see the search results in iTunes being split 50/50 between iPad and iPhone / iPod Touch.

So what iPad apps are you going to buy first? Have any of you downloaded them before you’ve even got your iPad?


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