Analysts Expect a “Monster Holiday Season” for Apple (AAPL)

iPad Holiday Gift Guide
iPad Holiday Gift Guide

Is this on your wish list?

ChangeWave Research has carried out a survey on just under 3000 US consumers which focusses on their plans for purchases for the holiday season. The survey was primarily interested in finding out what electronics goods consumers might be sticking under Christmas trees and in stockings this year.

The upshot of what is a very expensive, and quite detailed report from ChangeWave is that of those 2812 people surveyed, a peak for the the last three years of 10% are planning to buy a netbook computer in the next 90 days.

And of that 281.2 people in that 10%, over 36 percent are planning to buy an Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) computer. That is up from 25% previously in similar survey groups, from previous years.

This rise is probably because of two things:

One is the very affordable and attractive MacBook Air that Apple recently revamped to be smaller and significantly more sexy than its previous “netbooks” which were not netbooks. Perhaps MacBook Airs are in fact “Not”-Books. Sorry.

But the other reason is undoubtedly the growing halo effect that the iPhone, iPod Touch and especially the iPad have had in making consumers more aware of what Apple’s User Experience is like, and making them want more in the form of real computers from Apple.

Time will tell. But it seems that Apple is still on a very significant roll rounding out 2010, and heading into 2011.

How does this survey’s figures match up with your experience in your social groups? Who is buying what where you work and play? Let us know in the comments…

[via ChangeWave Research]


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