iPad 2 LCD Picked Up From China, Thinner & Lighter Than Current Design, Same Resolution

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iPad 2 LCD Leaked

9to5 Mac has in their possession what is believed to be a new LCD screen for Apple’s iPad 2, which they have obtained from China with the help of the iFixYouri iPhone 4 repair shop. Writing for the site, Mark Gurman explained that although they aren’t able to tell at this point whether the LCD has a higher resolution, or a ‘Retina’ display, it is lighter and thinner than the current iPad’s display by over 1mm, with a smaller surrounding frame. Gurman also described that this LCD is “definitely higher quality in terms of its build.”

Although we can’t be sure of the LCD’s resolution at this time, a clever commenter on the article over at 9to5 Mac seems to have gathered some details from the new screen’s model number. Apparently, ‘LP097X02-SLN1’ is a H-IPS display from LG at 9.7-inches, with the same 1024 x 768 resolution as Apple’s existing device.


As 9to5 Mac points out, the design and form factor of the LCD they have is a blessing for Jony Ive, Apple’s vice president of industrial design, because it will make the job of creating a lighter, thinner iPad 2 a great deal easier.

It’s also great news for early iPad adopters hoping for a sleeker, more streamlined device the second time around. The current device, though not overly bulky, has been mocked by rivals and critics for its size and weight. However, will we be happy with a sexier form factor if the resolution is no different? iPhone 4 owners have been spoiled by their Retina displays, and speaking from experience, I find my iPad’s display to look a little out-dated after using my iPhone extensively.

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