Apple Inc. (AAPL) Introduces 5th Gen iPod touch (5G) with All New Metal Design

5th gen iPod touch

5th gen iPod touch

During Apple Inc. (AAPL) September 12th media event, the company introduced the new iPhone 5, an all new iPod nano and the latest 5th generation iPod touch. The 5th gen iPod touch has an all new metal back plate, made of the same anodized aluminum as the new iPhone 5 and the current MacBook lineup. The new touch also has the same new 4 inch screen on the iPhone 5, and is only 6.1mm thin and weighs only 88 grams. Other features include:

- new Lightning connector for charging and data transfer
- updated speaker
- a significantly improved 5 megapixel iSight camera with flash
- faster A5 chip
- can play 40 hours music and gets 8 hours of video playback
- Siri for iPod Touch
- 1080P video and AirPlay mirroring
- Has button for attaching strap
- Comes in five different colors for the first time
- iPhoto for iPod Touch

Apple will still be selling the fourth-gen iPod touch at the same base price of $199 for a 16GB and will be selling the new 5th generation iPod touch for $299 for a 32GB model. The new iPod touch will be shipping in October alongside the new 7th generation iPod nano and the iPod shuffle.

Are you thinking of getting one of these? Do you think it is worth the price?


Kaled AliApple Inc. (AAPL) Introduces 5th Gen iPod touch (5G) with All New Metal Design
  • somerandompeep14415

    I’ve been waiting for an iPod w/ Siri

  • jamesdaolsin

    Is the color on the back a removable case

  • Shockwave

    Yes you can do everything

  • maximus

    awesome lots more to do with it.really lovable features.its worth compared to 4th generation.

  • Ismael Ortega

    how much will the ipod touch 5g cost for only 8gb?? 200?? i hope

    • garuda420

      Sorry bro there is no 8g 5th generation for the time being only 32g n 64g starting at $300

      • Ismael Ortega

        mmm that sucks/: i guess for the time i will have to work harder to get it

  • Awesomeness x2

    Yes! My I’ve been waiting for them to release the next gen. I don’t like them price increase, but I can handle it.


      I’ve also been waiting for the new gen as my old ipod touch 4th gen broke. And here in australia the price of the ipod touch 5g 32gb is the same price for the 32gb ipod touch 4g. :)

  • Jackholmes34

    I want one soooooooo much my old 3rd gen iPod is now outdated as well

  • CrissyBoo

    Yes! I’m definitely planning on getting one! I had been waiting on one to come out with the flash camera!

  • alex

    im getting it this cristmas does it come with any of the other things like the ear pods and the (loop) email me at and please reply to my ?

    • Jasmine

      Yes it will ship with the new Earpods and with one loop that matches the color of your iPod Touch.

    • Jack Holmes

      Yes both