5th Generation iPod touch Caught On Camera?

Leaked photos of a prototype 5th generation iPod touch, complete with DVT-1 designation were recently reported by MacRumors. According to the anonymous tipster iPod touch 5G sports 128GB of internal storage and a single volume rocker.

If these photos are legitimate the fifth gen iPod touch (and presumably iPhone 5) could do away with the current hardware home button in favour of a capacitive solution. With the home button becoming an integral part of the operating system thanks to the way the iOS multitasking works, a hardware button could become troublesome. Replacing a moving button with a software/capacitive one would eliminate any potential issues.

We’re not quite taken with these photos however, and we’re not convinced the iPod touch would be the first Apple hardware to feature a new kind of home button. It wouldn’t be the first time an Apple prototype had been given the fake photo treatment, with the iPod touch itself being the victim in the past.

Still, prototypes must be out there somewhere, and photos do get taken from time to time. We’re just not convinced – but we’re sure someone will put us straight if come the end of 2011 this exact unit is for sale worldwide!

{via MacRumors}


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