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SimplyTweet very simple Twitter app which has 3 main functions, Friends (ie timeline), @Replies and Search which generally work well.


– View your timeline and replies
– Perform search
– Post tweets, RT
– Reply to tweets
– Follow and un-follow people
– Browse conversations – the reply chain of a message all in 1 screen
– Built-in web browser
– Instapaper Support

Each post has an option to view the entire conversation compiling the tweets between user and the chosen contact in one screen, which I think is a great way to view tweets and wish more iPhone/iPod touch clients did it this way. However at the time of writing the conversation is easily broken leaving the feature rather pointless.

Tweet lists are similar to iChat bubble yet no where near as good, looking a little on the tacky side but the layout is pretty decent with user avatars only used once on a long stream of tweets from a single user (Touch Reviews I’m looking at you 😉 however it is not cached so you have to wait for the application to login on every launch and after using the built in browser which can be very tedious wait. There is also no option to load further tweets at the bottom of the list, you’re stuck with what the application serves you with and no option to increase the amount of tweets displayed either.

While the built in browser is a nice feature to have, it would be nice to have an option to use Safari instead to allow further actions on links you are interested in. Other issues I have with this application is landscape keyboard support, there is none, no accelerometer, no option to do it manually, your stuck in portrait. On another note I often find myself tapping the top of the window only to find it does not auto scroll to the top of the list often leaving you tapping for no good reason then having to scroll up manually.

To make matters worse (and I didn’t think it could get worse) this application costs more than Tweetie (my present Twitter client of choice at $2.99) while doing a whole lot less and simply put I cannot recommend SimplyTweet to anyone in it’s present state regardless of their level of knowledge of Twitter at this price.

Feature Request

Add all the power features you can possibly muster andto let the beginner start of with simple features and turn them on one by one as they become more experienced.

Price $3.99

The Good

  • It’s simple, good for the beginner
  • Supports instapaper

The not so good

  • price to feature ratio is wrong
  • interface needs refinement and extra shine, sometimes interprets a scroll touch as a single tap
  • doesn’t follow twitter function name conventions, scroll to top tap unreliable
  • perhaps a little too simple, user will quickly out grow of it’s feature set
Reviewed by TylerDurdan

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