Showtime Releases ‘Showtime Anytime’ App For Streaming TV Shows on iPad

Showtime Anytime

Streaming abilities on the iPad have increased over the past few months with many cable providers such as Time Warner Cable and Verizon FIOS allowing customers to download specific applications for their iOS devices and stream shows. Currently, some of the top applications include TBS, ABC, and HBO’s GO application.

All of these applications allow users to view their favorite shows from these channels on their iPad. On Tuesday, Showtime announced that they will be releasing an app for the iPad as well, allowing users to watch their top series like Homeland, Dexter and Weeds, and other content such as boxing and movies running on other Showtime networks.

Get unlimited access to full length versions of your favorite SHOWTIME® programs – acclaimed Original Series, uncut hit movies, hard hitting sports, comedy, reality/documentaries and much more, right at your fingertips.

The Showtime app, similar to the HBO GO app is only available through select providers only, and works with AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FiOS at this point. Comcast subscribers can get access to Showtime through their Xfinity application, but Showtime has pointed out that the app will support Comcast subscribers “soon”.

Showtime has not released an iPhone application, but has mentioned that one will be arriving during the first half of 2012. As with all other applications, the Showtime Anytime app is available for the iPad on the Apple App Store.


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