Second Gen iPad with FaceTime Coming Sooner than Expected?

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

During WWDC 2010 when Steve Jobs unveiled the new iPhone 4 Facetime video calling features he mentioned that Apple will ship “10’s of millions FaceTime devices is 2010″ It was very clear from that statement that we’ll see the iPod touch and iPad include Facetime too.

There have been numerous rumors about the second gen iPad and if one studies Apple’s product cycle then it would be easy to guess the upcoming features of the new iPad. Digitimes earlier reported that Apple will have an ARM Cortex-A9 based SoC for the next iPad, boost the RAM, include retina display and feature gyroscope.

Appleinsider is reporting that “Apple’s iPad is unlikely to endure the company’s traditional 12-month product cycle for iOS device refreshes before seeing its first major enhancements” They further added that Facetime video call features for iPad have “already progressed to the advanced testing stages”

Even though their source claimed that Apple could possibly launch the new tablet device “ahead of this year’s holiday shopping season” it will be interesting to see if Apple will hold another special event in spite of continuing strong iPad sales. has posted a great video which summarizes the rumors very well. Check it out!

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  1. ipad wifi

    Lets just wait guys until it come out. This going to be handy in some ways lets say for business conference, long distance communications and even for use in the army. This not just for cybersex, just think outside the box. This is a good one.

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