Samsung Galaxy Tab Returns At 16%. Apple iPad only At 2%

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has not sold anywhere near as well as Samsung initially hoped, or boasted that it would. But that is not all the bad news for Samsung. In countries like the US they have an option for shoppers anecdotally referred to as “Buyers Remorse”, where people can return items they decide they didn’t really want as long as it is done within a limited time frame and the device is still as good as new.

With Apple’s devices “Buyer’s Remorse” typically accounts for 1 or 2% of sales. And in line with that it appears that around 2% of iPad purchasers have returned their iPads for various reasons after purchase.

With the Samsung Galaxy Tab however, that figure is a whopping 16%. It hovered at around 13% through November of last year, but shows signs of accelerating now we are in the New Year, and stands at 16% for January of 2011.

Reasons for this could be many and varied. But most likely are because the Android experience on Samsung’s flagship tablet is not sufficiently iPad like to make the experience enjoyable; as many reviewers have found. Or perhaps people are simply returning Tab’s expecting more and better from the iPad 2.

Either way, Google and Samsung need to take a long hard look at both the Android OS and their tablets and figure out fast what is not making it such a run away success like the iPad. To be fair Google already admit that Android as it stands now is not designed for tablets, but they don’t seem to be pushing out a tablet OS as fast as they need to…

Samsung Returns? Is it Android’s fault? Or the Samsung Galaxy Tab itself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…


5 Comments on “Samsung Galaxy Tab Returns At 16%. Apple iPad only At 2%”

  1. Apocalypto4

    Lol. They wonder why it hasn’t experienced spectacular success like the iPad. That’s because the iPad rules the market that’s why. Nobody’s interested in an incompatible standard. The hot item is the iPad, not products which look like an iPad.

  2. Daria-taylor

    I don’t know why people are returning these Galaxy tabs – I LOVE mine. It’s smaller than the iPad but plenty big enough to use for the internet and school work. The keyboard accessory is fantastic: well built, lightweight and perfectly sized. I like the Galaxy so much I’m selling my two Dell lap tops. This does everything I used them for and is a fraction of the size and weight. I can surf comfortably while I’m in line at the grocery store….big plus if you shop at Costco like I do!

  3. Susanthehuman

    I am not surprised – I tried out a galaxy at Best Buy a while back and it didn’t seem really comparable, even if I ‘m willing to accept the smaller screen size. It’s the os interface that is most important with these types of devices, not the variety of ports on the side. What is shocking, though, is that these 16% represent people who made the actual decision to buy this product over an iPad for the most part – and still, they were disappointed enough to send it back.

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