New Photos of iPhone 5S in Gold Color



Did you always want to own a an iPhone that packs some bling factor right out of the box? If recent rumors are to be believed then we could see the introduction of gold color iPhone 5S. New photos of iPhone 5S back panel appeared on MacBoutic which show gold casing as a possible new addition to the new iPhone lineup.

Apple has always had a more traditional approach when it comes to offering color options for the iPhone. The company has offered only black and white color models however, that may soon change.

The iPods have been available in various colors since a long time and Apple has been very experimentative with the form factors. In every quarterly financial reports since the past few years the iPod sales have declined sequentially. Even though Apple still controls 70% of the mp3 player market share the company does acknowledge the decline of iPod sales.

As the iPod sales decline and users are more keen on owing one smartphone as opposed to a dedicated media player and a phone Apple could be looking at offering more color options in the iPhone to bridge that gap.


Cheap iPhone 5C which will reportedly be offered in many colors and that could be like the iPod touch finally having phone functionality. So, more color options could increase the sales as it would overcome the common complain of Apple’s iPhone design being “same and boring”.

The photos of the gold casing back panel certainly look very interesting however, its very difficult to establish the authenticity of the photos. Apple is expected to hold an iPhone related event on September 10th and it will be interesting to see if these rumors and reports turn out to be true.

Do you want a gold color iPhone? Would Apple announce more colors for the iPhone lineup during the launch event? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

{via Engadget}


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