Pastebot Adds Powerful Clipboard App To Your iPhone


We have been a huge fan of Tapbots user interface for iPhone apps. The fact that they can turn a simple concept of an app into a fun to use application while retaining the intuitiveness is very unique.  Their popular converter app for iPhone called Convertbot (iTunes Link) set new standards for iPhone app design and once again they are ready to offer another powerful productivity app.

Pastebot for iPhone is a powerful clipboard app which keeps a track of what you copy and then offers various options to control the way you want to use the copied information. When Apple finally introduced the Cut, Copy and Paste feature in iPhone OS 3.0 and let developers use the API, we saw a few clipboard apps emerging and reviewed Scraps – clipboard repository but, Pastebot gives cut, copy and paste on iPhone new possibilities.

The app features basic image and text editing tools and folder creation to save your clips. If you own a Mac then you are lucky to use Pastebot sync, which keeps the data you copy on your Mac in sync with the iPhone app and exchanging data is as easy as tapping on an image or text.

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Link)

Checkout the detailed walkthrough video to learn more.


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