Order your Apple iPad clone while stocks last. Only $290!

As I predicted last week the iPad is now in short supply. With in-store pickup and delivery dates pushed back in the US for all but the lucky few who ordered early, people may start to get desperate and rush to buy products from sources other than Apple.

Chinese manufacturers have long been copying the iPhone and iPod, and undercutting Apple’s price with hugely inferior products, mostly available in Asia.

The Korean IT Times is reporting that electronics firms in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China are announcing the release of counterfeit iPads for 2000 yuan (US$290). That price is half of the actual Apple product.

The release date is the same as the release date for Apple’s iPad.

President Xiong Yiwei of Shenzhen Huayi said,

After developing modules, we basically made the designs to look like a jumbo iPhone. The profit margin of counterfeit cell phones reached up to 30 percent in the past, but only 10 yuan (US$1.50) profit margin is made per one product. We had a great expectation of netbooks last year, but only 100 yuan (US$15) profit margin was made. The success of iPhonish product is a matter of life or death for us.

Be very careful if you are buying grey import iPads from sources other than Apple. You may be disappointed with what you get!

Let us know if you see these in the wild. We’d love to see pictures and videos.



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