No Red T-Shirts Review – Interesting Game that Rapidly Becomes Repetitive

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If you a fan of hidden object style games and Where’s Waldo then No Red T-Shirt’s may be a worthwhile purchase for you as No Red T-Shirts for iPhone and iPad will find you hunting through 12 different locations to find some of the most heinous criminals that you may ever meet, such as reading newspapers, parachuting and of course, wearing a red t-shirt!

No Red T-Shirts sees you in the role of Robo, a police robot that has gone slightly off the rails and in this role you are charged with finding as many criminals as you can by simply tapping on them as they go about their business.

The bright, cartoon graphics that create the various locations are colorful, dramatic and will certainly appeal to a younger audience as will the controls which require a simple hunt and peck technique to spin the environments around as you tap on the currently active criminal.

The current offender type that you have to hunt for are highlighted as you progress through the game by flashing warning that appears across the screen and each time this happens you will need to change who you are hunting for. Find enough of them and you will be given the opportunity to send all the remaining characters home to bed.

Your success on each level will earn you the currency that will enable you to purchase upgrades, as with most games these days you can also purchase additional currency via in-app purchase, but it’s not heavily pushed and only required if you want to push forward your progress at an aggressive pace.

Each location has its own set of objectives to be completed and you can also call on the help of 3 power-ups and the additional help of Chronos and Thor to entice the criminals out of hiding and into your handcuffs.

The gameplay is pretty repetitive and so will probably not appeal to the most hardened of gamers but for a casual gamer there is some limited appeal here and if you do fancy turning your hand to over-zealous crime fighting then No Red T-Shirts could be just the game for you especially if you like the idea of big-brother looking over your shoulder!

‘No Red T-Shirts’ is a universal app that is available in the App Store for the discounted price of 99 cents while the summer lasts!

[rating: 3/5]

What we like

  • Bright, colorful graphics
  • Multiple challenging objectives
  • Non-aggressive in-app purchase options

What to know

  • Repetitive with the addictiveness


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