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Mole – Quest for the Terracore Gem [rating: 4/5]

Roo Games have joined the App Store with there debut game Mole – Quest for the Terracore Gem. Mole see’s you take control of Mark the mole as he attempts to dig through the earth to find the fabled Terracore Gem.

You do this by controlling Mark the mole through 6 layers of earth to the Terracotta level deep down below the earths surface. How deep you can dig is all controlled by how much oxygen you have. Find yourself bellow ground with no oxygen and you will have to be rescued and all your progress on that dig will be lost.

Mole - Quest for the Terracore gem_2To begin with you won’t have enough oxygen to travel much further than the first level of soil but as you dig down you will find gems and metal that you will be able to use to purchase upgrades to your tools and most importantly your oxygen tank. There are 4 main tools that you can upgrade based on the amount of metal that you collect on your digs and each of these will help you dig faster, longer and ultimately deeper.

The graphics are solid and the minimal sound is also effective with sound effects for all of your mole’s actions as he digs down through the earth. As you dig deeper and deeper some of the jewels will be encased in rocks and so your dynamite tool can be used to blow up the rock and access the jewels inside. Also as you reach the deeper levels of the earth such as the Qwort, Oxiton and Meganite levels you will find drills that your mole can climb into to travel back to the surface.

During this time use up no oxygen and travel much faster. Not only that but once you find the drill at each of the levels the drill becomes available on the surface to drill straight back down to the same surface. This is a great way to jump directly to the deeper levels but comes at a price and that price is metal, the same metal that you need to use to upgrade your tools so you need to balance your use of the drill with your need to upgrade your tools.

Mole - Quest for the Terracore gem_3It is between each of your digs that you get the chance to upgrade your tools using your metal that you’ve dug up while the jewels simply add up your score which you can upload to Twitter so you can easily boast about your score to all your followers.

There is technically only one level but that one level will keep you digging for quite a while as you gradually make your way in the hunt of the Terracore Gem. The game auto saves your progress so even if you only have a few minutes to play you’ll be able to get at least a couple of digs in that will still contribute to your overall game.

Mole – Quest for the Terracore Gem is a single player game but there are also 4 ranks for your mole to move through and 10 medals to earn as you progress through the game. It’s a fun unique challenge and well worth the $2 that the game costs. Check it out in the App Store now and see if you dig it!

The Good

  • 360 degree movement
  • Left & Right Handed Controls
  • No two digs are the same

The Not So Good

  • Long load times
  • Only one map

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Mole – iPhone/iPod touch Gameplay

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Store)
Updated Feb 05, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.1
Size: 24.5 MB
Languages: English
Seller: Chris Watts
© 2009 Chris Watts and Ben Britten Smith


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