modulR iPad Starter Kit Review

modulR iPad Starter Kit Review

modulR iPad Starter Kit Review

modulR iPad Starter Kit

Just like my iPhone I like my iPad to not only look good but to also be protected. I currently have the Otterbox Impact for my iPhone 4 which offers me a combination of protection while not making it as bulky as the Otterbox Defender case. However for my iPad I’m still using the Apple case which not only protects the iPad but also allows you to use it as a stand and elevates it a little to enable easier typing.

However, it does have shortcomings too. It marks easily and is not easy to keep clean, while the stand is a little flimsy and will easily be knocked of if touched or on an eleven surface. So, needless to say I’ve been looking for a replacement and final, today, it has arrived. The modulR Starter Kit which for $99 includes a case (with a detachable cover), stand and a wall mount. Each of these items use a system that enables the iPad case to interlock with the other two items.

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The packing of all three items is very nice, brightly colored with good photo’s and graphics. It would certainly look good on a store shelf although at present it’s only currently available via It’s well designed and fits each item snuggly so that the items are stored securely during transit.

As the wall mount and the stand require the case to be fitted to work, the first item I looked at the modulR case and cover in it’s only available color at present, that of Graphite.

The case has a hard back cover offering maximum protection to the rear of the case and flexible sides that snap the iPad into place. A cut out is also used to allow the Apple logo on the back of the case to show through. It’s a snug fit with no movement of the iPad in the case. All buttons and access points remain fully accessible when the case is on with the sleep button and volume controls being covered buttons which still allow you to use them. Both buttons work well although a slightly hard push is required.

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The cover that gives the iPad complete protection when it’s not in use snaps around the top and bottom of the iPad and again feels secure and because of it’s hard nature makes me feel that it will offer me maximum protection when I’m taking it out on the road. Of course because the cover snaps on and off you will need to carry it around separately unlike Apples case, it’s a small price to pay though.

The look, feel and color has a industrial feel to it and so in addition to being very protective while still being stylish. Having said that I would like to see some additional colors available as they already offer for the stand and wall mount.

The case also doesn’t come with a built in stand but it does can as part of the starter pack but again does mean that you would have to carry it around separately.

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The stand makes use of the nodes on the back of the case and it slides in effortlessly and yet still feels solid and secure. While the stand only fits using the either of the two horizontal nodes it can be used in portrait mode too. The angle of the stand is fixed and is just under twice the height of the built in stand of the Apple case. I’m actually writing this review while using the stand in ‘keyboard’ mode and both the angle and stability are excellent.

The final piece of the pack is the wall mount, now I haven’t screwed this to my wall yet using the supplied fixtures but the solid metal frame feels very sturdy and this time it uses all four nodes to securely mount the iPad to it. The mount can be fixed to the wall either horizontally or vertically but once fixed in either position neither the mount, or the iPad can be rotated so once you’ve made your decision you will have to stick with it.

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While those three pieces of the Starter Kit were the only parts of the kit if you order it now you get the choice of a hand strap used for securely holding the iPad or a shoulder strap for the same $99 making the whole kit excellent value for money. In addition the order took less than a week to arrive and subsequent questions to their support team were replied to efficiently and accurately which is always a great addition to any product.

It’s early days for me but at this point I can highly recommend the modulR case, cover, stand and wall mount and with the hand strap on its way it should keep my iPad in great condition for a long time to come.


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