Jobs : MobileMe will “get a lot better in 2011″

Steve Jobs has been answering customer emails again this week, allegedly. This time it is on the subject of MobileMe. People either love or hate MobileMe, just about the same way that people either love or hate Marmite or Julian Assange.

Those that hate MobileMe quote its inflated price for features which can be obtained for free elsewhere on the web… from you know who. And quite often those that actually use MobileMe agree with that assessment and even add that the service is slow, unreliable and buggy.

And yet, many of us, myself included still use the service, and pay handsomely for it. Despite “Find My iPhone”, one of MobileMe’s most coveted features, being free now.

According to Mr Jobs MobileMe is set to “get a lot better in 2011″. This could just be Steve hyperbole, or even a fake email exchange; Steve’s PR have denied a few emails have come from him recently. But assuming it is true, Jobs is most likely referring to Apple’s new Data Centre coming online next year, and a host of new features, and better infrastructure being brought to bare on our $99 a year White Elephant.

Are you excited to see MobileMe get some love from Apple? Or have you heard it all before? Have your say in the comments.



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  1. Melites

    My dear Steve, it is “brought to bear”, not ‘bare’ — synonymous with, say, “loaded onto [whatever]” and hence borne by [whatever].

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