Microsoft (MSFT) Office Coming to the iPad?

Raven Zachary apparently tweeted today that Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) had an iPad “Group” of some sort. This was based on a conversation overheard between two Microsoft employees in a coffee shop!

There is some speculation that this tweet is proof that Microsoft is working on Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad competitor. And the iPad “Group” is to make strategies for that product, based on iPad analysis. This is quite possible but, the only whiff of that was the ill fated Courier Tablet that was canned by Microsoft some time ago. All their other tablet efforts have simply been in the form of providing modified Windows OSs, with a touch layer, to other manufacturers.

So it’s hard to see what immediate tablet plans Microsoft might have. Although eventually we are sure they’ll try and co-opt one or other manufacturer to make a Windows Tablet, much the way they have “created” the Windows Phone 7 ecosystem by partnering their new mobile OS with hardware manufacturers.

What is far more likely is that Microsoft is planning to produce iPad apps, much like their Mac division produces Microsoft Office for the Macintosh. And much like they have already produced iOS apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

It seems fairly obvious to us that Microsoft is planning to produce some kind of companion app for Microsoft office for the iPad, and quite possibly the emerging Android tablet ecosystem.

When, or if we’ll see these apps is anybodies guess though.

Do you think Microsoft Office for the iPad is on the way? Have your say in the comments…

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5 Comments on “Microsoft (MSFT) Office Coming to the iPad?”

  1. Bagus Adityawan

    I surely looking forward to it. up to know, i rely most on pages, keynotes and numbers since the others app are crap (ie. can not show equation).
    a full support from MS would really make my day, leaving my heavy notebook behind.

  2. nothingnewhere

    Nothing new for a tablet here … the Blackberry Playbook will have word/excel/power point to go applications when it comes out next year.

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