Mac OS X Lion To Be Made Available for Download via Mac App Store?


Apple is expected to release Mac OS X Lion during WWDC which is scheduled to begin on June 06, 2011. According to a new report published by AppleInsider Apple is expected to make the latest version of Mac OS X available for download via Mac App Store.

According to people familiar with the matter Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will mark the beginning of a new way to distribute OS upgrades for Mac. The introduction of Mac App Store shows Apple’s commitment to offer easy access to software and eliminate the need for boxed software sold at retail stores.

In addition to downloadable OS upgrade Apple will also offer optical disc for people who don’t have access to fast Internet connection or prefer buying the disc.

Apple’s MacBook Air does not ship with a SuperDrive so offering Mac OS X Lion via Mac App Store will certainly help Apple in introducing Mac App Store to new users which in turn could encourage them to even buy their software from Apple’s store on the Mac.

Mac App Store just like the App Store for iOS devices makes it really easy for users to find the software they are looking for, purchase it with their iTunes account and install with in just one click. This really brings the simplicity of iOS devices back to the Mac.

Apple has been seeding beta versions of Lion to developers via redeem codes which can only be used on the Mac App Store so the final version being made available via Mac App Store comes as no surprise.

[via AppleInsider]


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