App Review: Little Red Sled – 3D Racing


Get ready to fall in love with the adorable Max and Maya now on your iPhone/iPod touch.

Sled as either Max or Maya as you:

– Duck and dodge through thick glades of trees
– Soar through the air as you jump off the ramps
– Perform tricks in the air
– Navigate hairpin turns and twists
– Collect treasure along the way
– And most importantly… Watch out for the bunnies!


– Original piano soundtrack
– Fluid 3D animations
– Responsive accelerometer controls
– Bonus items
– Jumps
– Air tricks

If you were still wondering who Max and Maya are well they are the two adorable characters in Little Red Sled -3D Racing.

Little Red Sled – 3D Racing is a fantastic sled racing game which has very cute graphics, simple game play and and perfect music to captivate you!

In this 3D sled racing game you can sled as either Max or Maya. After you choose your game character the initial levels will help you get familiarized with the gameplay. The objective of this game is to sled till the finishing point as fast as you can while picking up gifts, performing tricks in air and avoiding obstacles as you sled in a polar region. The controls are very simple, you guide the sled by titling your device and perform an air trick by shaking your device.

Little Red Sled – 3D Racing on one hand is a complete entertaining game while on the other it will surely put your sled racing skills to test. The game also has interesting challenges to complete and has bonus levels to get extra points.

Price $1.99

Verdict Get It!

The Good

  • Cute graphics
  • Simple gameplay
  • Challenges and Bonus levels

The Not So Good

  • Online high score missing
  • More air tricks could be added

Little Red Sled – 3D Racing Screenshots


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  1. Michael Sherman

    I wan’t this game because it looks really really great, and just reading your review makes me want to buy it. But I would love to get it free

  2. mrholder

    Love this game. I’ve been playing the lite version. It’s really challenging to collect the specified amount of gifts and reach the finish line under the goal time.

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