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LightBike is a very addictive fight against time and rival, bike racing game with a difference.

– 1 player mode (with 3 levels of difficulty)
– Split-Screen Mode (for 2 players)
– Wifi Mode (for 2 to 4 players)

You are the rider of a lightbike and the objective of the game is to win by getting your rival to crash into the light wall drawn by your bike as you race in cyberspace.

LightBike currently offers One player (Easy, Normal and Hard Levels) , Two players and Wifi-Mode . You get 40 seconds to race on a large grid map and as you race on the map the lightbike draws a light wall trail. The game becomes very engaging as you try and avoid crashing into your opponents light wall while you strategize your moves to trap the opponent into crashing into your light wall. Two players mode splits the map as you race. The Wifi mode (on same network) supports up-to 4 players.

LightBike has many customization options which could enhance the look and feel of the game.

  • Number of Battles (1, 3 or 5)
  • Boost Camera Effect
  • Boost Effect
  • First Player Color, Second Player Color
  • Afterimage Effect
  • Smooth Camera Work
  • Field Size (Small, Medium or Large)
  • Time Limit (On/Off), Vibration Mode
  • BGM, SE

LightBike is a very engaging game pushing you to try and outdo your opponent with different wall patterns and sharp turns.

Price $2.99

The Good

  • Great replay value (try and draw different patterns each time)
  • Wifi Mode

The Not So Good

  • Only one map

Note: The upcoming version will support Online Multiplayer

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