LaLa service discontinued. Is iTunes streaming coming soon?

Apple acquired the popular music streaming service as they were interested in their experience with cloud-based music services. Recent news reports and patent filings indicate that Apple is all set to launch its cloud-based music streaming service.

Last month we reported that LaLa would be shutting down their service and today the service was finally discontinued. This has lead to further speculation that Apple might introduce its new music subscription service during WWDC 2010. Millions of users already use iTunes to purchase music which makes it very easy for Apple to market their subscription based service.

Apple could also be looking at improving the iTunes experience by allowing users to stream the full song and then decide if they would like to buy it. The new iTunes music streaming service could also use the data from genius playlist and recommendations and stream music from an endless collection of artists you like.

The DOJ is currently investigating Apple’s music services but we could still see a demo of this new streaming service during the WWDC keynote.


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