iPhone5.com Domain Dispute Settled By Apple

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iPhone 5

Apple’s next iPhone 5  is expected to be released later this year, most likely in the October timeframe when the iPhone 4S was released this past year. Late last week, Apple won the domain iPhone5.com from a small online forum that operated under the name.

The Cupertino company filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization earlier in the month, to secure the iPhone 5 name. Although there have been no credible reports that the next iPhone would in fact be called “iPhone 5″, Apple is just keeping its options open and would reroute the domain back to the iPhone page on Apple.com.

Apple had trouble securing the domain iPad.com as well as iPhone.com in the past, but is looking to acquire any and all possible names for the next generation iPhone, so as to avoid any confusion. Apple’s WWDC conference is coming up next month on June 11, and iOS 6 is expected to be announced and maybe even a developer preview is made available.

The next generation iPhone 5, slated for an October release is rumored to include a larger 4 inch screen, a micro dock connector, LTE connectivity and perhaps even LiquidMetal offerings either on the bezel, stainless steel frame or on the back. Names for the next iPhone remain unclear, even with a number of rumored features, and at this point, iPhone 5 is the best bet until an official announcement is made.

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    You say it was settled.  In what way? Did Apple pay and money for the domain since it was in operation for quite some time? Such an incomplete story!

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