App Review: Bugz


A simple game of chance skill and bug blasting.

• 102 levels of addictive gameplay!
• Multiple profile management with ability to save and load your current state.
Online high score table – upload your score and view worldwide high scores in game.
• Custom soundtrack.
• Prefer to listen to your iPod while playing? Simply toggle the setting.
• Hours of replay value.
• Updates are free, forever.

A nice simple game, so I thought for perhaps the first 40 or so levels until the level demanded I clear the screen of bugs so if your short on patience quick on the frustration I recommend you don’t play this game for the sake of your device because it’ll go flying. The game starts with just plain bugs, then special must splat bug, then two then that and a flower which slows down the bugs then two flowers, oh and then you have a timer and that’s your 102 levels, luckily the if you fail the level you can just start again pretty quickly. The basic premiss is to set off some kind of explosion which must catch a bug which then explodes hopefully causing a chain reaction with the other bugs on the screen, later levels going up to 60 which is a bit of an exaggeration because I’ve cleared the screen at 57 58 but it let me through anyway. While on the subject of clearing the screen the achievements system the program tries hard to generate seem a little off as in the course of completing this game I achieved 2 1000 bugs popped awards and a handful of screen cleared awards, repeated awards just seem to defeat the point of the award system.

What really lets this game down is the interface, before you even start playing the game you have to make a profile, while sounds fine, could be a lot simpler than requiring 3 taps. Once the profile is created you then must read the instructions, 6 screens that you tap through, which I find overkill for a simple game that could be explained before you start each level. It also uses a rather long fade in/out sequence throughout the game which I find just makes you wait for no good reason, I’d hate to think it’s because the game is loading as I’ve seen more complex games load in about the same time. The settings, incase you missed it like I did, are in the device settings letting you turn off the incredible cute single song soundtrack but thankfully lets you play your own music via iPod running in the background and toggle the vibration on/off too, but really these settings should be in game rather than adding yet another entry to your settings menu for the sake of two toggles.

However, all that aside this is a fun and challenging flash style game suited to a younger player and those that’ll play anything

Feature Request

More dynamic levels, blocks and shapes to higher levels etc etc.

Polish up the interface

Price: $0.99

The Good

  • Lots of levels
  • Fun and entertaining to watch
  • Free updates

The Not So Good

  • Interface needs work
  • Game play somewhat limited
  • Large file size for what it is
Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

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0 Comments on “App Review: Bugz”

  1. mrholder

    I’ve already got this app. It’s addictive! Love watching the chain reactions and trying to clear the whole board. Very well produced. Like the banjo music as well.

  2. Brent Currie

    Every time I try the codes, I get an error “The code you entered is not recognized as a valid code”

    If I’m usually too late entering in a code, I get something along the lines of “That code has already been used” or something to that effect.

  3. Row

    The last character is missing! if you enter the wrong character it will get this error “The code you entered is not recognized as a valid code” But if you enter the correct character and it is taken you will get “That code has already been used”

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