New iPhone 5 TV Ads – “Brilliant” and “Discover”

New iPhone 5 TV ad spots

New iPhone 5 TV ad spots

Apple is continuing their word-friendly ad campaign for the iPhone 5, posting two new television spots, called “Brilliant” and “Discover”. These ads, like the others, focus on several apps from the over 700,000 iOS applications available on the App Store. The apps are then described using several words such as ‘sweet’ and ‘rise’.

The two new ads join Apple’s previous spots, ‘Alive’, ‘Together’ and ‘Hollywood’ which all highlight several apps including Gojee, Cards, Mike V: Skateboard Party, Starbucks,iBooks, MyScript Calculator, Philips Hue, GarageBand, The Elements for iPhone 4, Apple Maps, Cleartune, Solar Walk, iPhoto, Yelp, Shazam, and Infinity Blade 2.

Apple continues to add to its number of television spots, focusing specifically on the applications available on the App Store instead of the actually technology on the phone. Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs mentioned on several occasions that the screen is the focal point of the device and that this is where the entire experience of the iPhone is.

Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 5S this year and even a cheaper iPhone the following year, which will likely add more ads similar to this campaign, focusing on the use of the device as opposed to the technology in it.

{Via MacRumors}


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