iPhone 5 Parts Haven’t Even Been Ordered By Apple

The latest rumors surrounding Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone suggest that the device won’t feature at this year’s WWDC ready for a summer 2011 launch, and a report published today by Japanese blog Macotakara.jp seems to back up these claims. Citing sources from the Chinese supply chain, Macotakara.jp says that Apple hasn’t even begun ordering components for the iPhone 5 yet, and that the company is currently focused on attracting new customers to its CDMA handset instead.

The iPhone 4 launched in February on the Verizon Wireless network in the U.S., and minor changes were made to the device to update components, redesign the antenna, and introduce a dual-band wireless chip. It seems that rather than introducing a brand new iPhone just months later, Apple will instead hold out until October of this year – possibly even later – before launching the next-generation device. It’s expected the iPhone 5 will contribute to Apple’s fiscal 2012, as opposed to its fiscal 2011 year, which ends on September 24th.

Macotakara also had something to say about the iPhones 5’s rumored aluminium back in their report; claiming that although Apple have toyed with the idea of replacing the current glass back, it has not yet made a decision on whether to change it for the fifth-generation device.

Previous reports regarding the device have revealed that Apple may currently be working on three iPhone 5 prototypes, one of which features a physical slide-out keyboard. Another is similar to the iPhone 4’s design but boasts a larger ‘edge-to-edge’ screen, a better battery, and an upgraded camera.

One of the reasons Apple has chosen to delay its launch of the iPhone 5 could be related to the white iPhone 4 the company has been promising since the device’s launch. It’s now expected that the device will come during the spring, however, it’s sure to be largely unsuccessful if a brand new device is announced just several weeks later.

[via AppleInsider]


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