iPhone 5 to have Aluminium Back? [Rumor]

iPhone 5 Aluminimum Back-5

iPhone 5 Aluminimum Back-5Gadgets DNA is reporting that it has a source in China that claims Apple is looking at producing an Aluminium backed iPhone 5. Part of the reason cited for this change in design is supposed to be related to ongoing problems with scratching for the White iPhone 4’s paint as well as either iPhones glass, and the generally negative reception to the glass back of the iPhone 4 and its perceived higher risk of smashing.

Steve Jobs has already said that the iPhone 5 will be an “all new” design.

If Apple goes with this Aluminium design, the thinking is that they would put the antennas behind the Apple logo in the back of the device. Potentially eliminating the “Grip of Death” but perhaps brining back some of the reception issues of the iPhone 3GS.

The same source in China also confirms that the iPhone 5 will go dual core, presumably with the Apple A5 SoC of the iPad 2 (perhaps at a slightly lower clock speed).

What is really interesting to speculate about is whether or not we’ll see Liquid Metal employed for the iPhone 5 case. Apple could simply be testing with Aluminium for now.

Liquid Metal, which we reported on last year when we found out that Apple had an exclusive license with the designer, is a stronger, lighter and easier to mould alloy, which could both strengthen and lighten Apple’s next iconic iPhone iteration.

It seems very likely that Apple may well be going with an iPhone 5 shape which is closer to that of the iPad 2 and new iPod Touch, and moving away from the strikingly different steel frame that you either love or hate on the iPhone 4.

Do you think this look would be better than the iPhone 4? Or do you wish Apple would stick with the form factor of the current iPhone? How do you feel about a Liquid Metal iPhone? Have your say in the comments?

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  1. Psirus

    I seriously doubt that. There is more then one reason for the current design. And yes, there is even a patent for an antenna in the Apple logo, but that’s just it, it’s ONE antenna.

    The antenna of the iPhone 4 is broken up to provide the antennas for everything that needs antennas: gps, Bluetooth, gsm and CDMA. Adding in a radio antenna or 4G antenna is not possible yet, unless they put one antenna under the logo. Hence the deathgrip if you join the two antennas at the left corner.

    Lastly, Yes, phones break, not just the iPhone. My lg dumbphone fell 3 feet from my desk and cracked the screen.

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