iPhone 5 Logic Board Images Show A6 and LTE Qualcomm Chip

iPhone 5 logic board

iPhone 5 logic board

iPhone 5 leaks are continuing to appear on the web ahead of the release date event later today. A new report now publishes images of iPhone 5 logic board showing the new A6 chip. The Italian blog Apple.HDblog.it has posted new images which clearly show the details of the logic board of the sixth-gen iPhone.

In addition to A6 chip the iPhone 5 logic board shows Qualcomm MDM9615M LTE modem, which confirms earlier rumors about iPhone 5 supporting faster 4G LTE network. The photos seem to line up with recently leaked search page on Apple.com which lists a placeholder URL for LTE capabilities of the new iPhone.

As reported by MacRumors the logic board also reveals flash memory which is apparently being provided by Hynix and also goes on to show other chips that support features like WiFi, Bluetooth, gyroscope and accelerometer. Speculation suggests that A6 is believed to be a quad-core processor which could significantly enhance the phone’s computational capability and make advance apps like iPhoto to perform functions smoothly.

iPhone 5 media event will go live later today and it will be interesting to see if all the details that were revealed via rumors actually turn out to be true. Are you excited about the new iPhone 5? Based on all that you’ve read about the new iPhone will you be upgrading your phone? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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