‘iPhone 5′ Confirmed to be the name of Apple’s Sixth-Gen iPhone?

Apple iPhone 5 name confirmed

Apple iPhone 5 name confirmed

Apple’s media event to unveil the iPhone 5 is just under 90 minutes away and unexpectedly the company’s website seems to have confirmed the name of the sixth-gen iPhone as “iPhone 5″. Many reports on the web have now revealed that if you search for “iPhone-5″ on Apple’s website you’ll notice links to inactive webpages that clearly confirm the name of the next iPhone.

In order to view the search results, just type “iPhone-5″ on Apple.com search field and the search page will return results with links to press release and tips for iPhone 5. However, when the links are accessed you get a page not found error as these links appear to be just placeholders and will go live once the iPhone 5 keynote event is over.

This is the first time ever that such a leak has happened on Apple’s website before the launch event for the next-gen iPhone. The website also seems to confirm another rumor, that the iPhone 5 will indeed support faster 4G LTE network. Using the same search field if you type “iPhone-5 LTE” the website will return an inactive page with iPhone-5-LTE as the URL. It’s safe to assume that this webpage will be used to introduce users to LTE capability of the next iPhone and also provide more information regarding speed and usage.

The iPhone 5 keynote event will go live later today at 10:00 AM Pacific Time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.


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