iPhone 4S Coming to Russia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia on December 16th

iPhone 4S Russia Brazil Saudi Arabia

iPhone 4S Russia Brazil Saudi Arabia

Apple released the iPhone 4S in the US over a month ago and announced that they would be rolling out the fifth-gen iPhone to new countries as the weeks progressed. On Friday, it was confirmed that Apple is planning to release the iPhone 4S in Russia, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia on December 16th.

These countries are only three of the many who are part of Apple’s international roll out, although Apple has not publicly announced this with a press release. In South America, Brazilian carrier Claro has posted a promotional page [Google translation], revealing the December 16th release date.

A number of iPhone 4S and 4 models have shown up in Brazil and are being sold at high prices (Almost $2000 for a 16 GB iPhone 4S), ahead of an official launch on any specific carrier. Russian retailer Digital.ru [Google translation] also announced that it will be selling the iPhone 4S and is already accepting pre-orders. However, Brazil, Russia, and Saudi Arabia aren’t the only countries receiving the iPhone on the 16th, with reports suggesting that the December 16th launch date also includes Taiwan, the Philippines, South Africa, and Malaysia.

Apple has experienced massive sales of the iPhone 4S, in both the US and internationally. Lines for the 4S extended through the week of release on October 4th, into the next Wednesday in the US, proving that Apple is looking forward to extremely positive sales for the holidays.

{via MacRumors}


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