No iPhone 4 for Verizon in 2011?

Some people are getting a little concerned about recent comments made by Verizon CEO Ivan Seidbenberg. Speaking at an investors conference he said that their new 4G network, which is not online yet or in the foreseeable future (certainly not for 2011), may make “Apple get with the program.”

This has some concerned that the much rumored CDMA iPhone 4 that Apple is rumored to be making are going elsewhere. In other comments Seidbenberg said that he didn’t feel his company had an “iPhone defecit”, and that they’d “love to carry it when we get there, but we have to earn it.”

Which doesn’t sound like a company gearing up to sell Apple’s flagship iPhone in a few months. Verizon has recently been pushing their own App Store for Android and Blackberry which may be complicating relations with Apple.

So at the moment the Verizon / Apple situation is anybodies guess.

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