iPad to hit UK Apple stores before pre-order customers get theirs?

A worrying story is coming out of the UK today. One that might have a few loyal Apple customers upset! We reported around a week ago that any pre-orders for iPads made after the 13th of May would not ship to customers until the 7th of June. This is still the case as far as we know.

However, the iPad launch in stores in the UK is still going ahead on the 28th of May and customers will be able to walk into stores and pick one up then. Presumably after queuing for a while. The Regents Street Apple store says it expects customers to camp outside overnight to ensure getting their “Jesus Tablet”.

Whilst one can understand that Apple would like to have some in-store stock for such an important launch, this seems a little hard on customers who have already ordered their device online, shown their loyalty to Apple, and agreed to wait until the 7th of June to get their iPad that others now may well be able buy over a week earlier.

I know if I was one of the customers with an outstanding order I’d seriously consider cancelling my order before, or perhaps after, I had a go at getting one from an Apple store on the 28th. I am assuming that Apple have not charged anyone in the UK prior to dispatch, which is normally the case.

I am sure Apple won’t mind people doing that. But it would have been nice if they had been upfront about it.

What do you think? Is Apple being a little dismissive of online customers in the UK? Let us know in the comments…



One Comment on ““iPad to hit UK Apple stores before pre-order customers get theirs?”

  1. Pita.O

    Go find something important to do. What is the news here? If you pre-order an item, you get the date on which it ships to you. Your spec, your home. You don't take chances with stock running out in the store, or having to queue up for it.
    If you pre-order a Barnes and Noble book, it ships to you when it's available. That same day it's available, someone can go to the store and pick up the book IF IT'S AVAILABLE, and if he can take the day off work to visit B&N at the other end of town.
    I thought you'd even speak to a Store Pickup option. How is this being dismissive of customers in the UK if that's exactly how it works everywhere?

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