iPad (3rd Generation) Pre-Orders Sold Out, Now Shipping in 2-3 Weeks

iPad 3 Shipping 2-3 Weeks

The iPad 3rd generation was unveiled last week, and Pre-Orders for the popular device are already sold out. Apple has experienced heavy demand for its iPad 3 launch and has pushed back the shipping date to 2-3 weeks. The launch day for the third generation iPad has been set by Apple for March 16th, where customers will be allowed to line up in retail stores across the country.

Customers who have pre-ordered their new tablet are expected to receive their new iPads on that same day. With respect to shipping time, customers who order now would have to wait for two to three weeks to account for high demand and shipping delays.

Other stores around the world are also reporting delays in shipment, including the Canadian online store, and the Australian and Singapore stores with ship dates of 2-3 weeks. Apple’s European launches including France, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK and Asian countries such as Japan are all shipping with an estimate of 2-3 weeks for new iPad orders.

Apple is planning to launch the iPad in 25 more countries by March 25th but may have to push back that date in order to accommodate the high demand and slip in shipping time for the new device.


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