iOS 6.1 to Bring Movie Ticket Purchases to Siri

Siri buy movie ticket

Siri buy movie ticket

Apple released an iOS 6.1 beta to developers recently, and features that are expected to be in the new update are now being shown off online. One of these new features in iOS 6.1 is the ability to purchase movie tickets through Siri. Apple is bringing movie ticket purchases to Siri, allowing users to simply tell Siri to book them tickets for a specific showtime, as Siri can already look up the showtimes and the movie theatre that it is located in.

Developers testing 6.1 on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch say that the feature operates on Fandango and Siri describes the commands in the information menu. A user can simply ask Siri to buy any number of tickets for any movie. Siri will then bring up local movie theatres that are playing the movie.

You can also manually go through each window, first choosing a movie theatre, then a movie, time etc. The feature is currently available only in the United States and not all theatres are supported. Supported theatres have a tiny movie tickets icon that tells the user which one they can buy tickets from. With this new feature, Siri has become more useful and is now more interactive with some of the features introduced with iOS 6.

{Via 9to5Mac}


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