iOS 5.1 Testing Complete, to be Released During iPad 3 Launch Event?


According to a report from Chronic Wire, Apple’s developer seed of iOS 5.1 has passed quality assurance tests conducted by the company. The company issued a number of seeds to developer for iOS 5.1 to ensure that the final public release would be as stable as possible, especially after a number of users complained of battery life issues on iPhone 4S and other issues with iOS 5.

iOS 5.1 may now be ready to be released to the public, likely during the iPad 3 release date announcement event on Wednesday, or perhaps following the event during Apple’s initial sales of the iPad 3. The report mentions that iOS 5.1 is now in Golden Master stage with build 9B176 being the final build to be issued for public release.

The build number of iOS 5.1 Gold Master is 9B176 according to a very solid source, although three different partners who are testing the Gold Master claim to have slightly (by single digits) higher builds numbers on their copies, I’m assuming that’s because right now it’d make sense for those people to be testing what will soon be released as 5.1.1, so I’ve disregarded the claims.

Quality assurance appears to have been conducted over the past three weeks, since Apple issued the last beta version. Apple worked with carriers to ensure that the OS was entirely bug free and worked on all aspects of the iPhone. iOS 5.1 has been reported to include Japanese  support for Siri and a new camera slider from the lock screen among other improvements.

{via Mac Rumors}


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