iOS 4.1.1 to Fix Alarm Bug and Jailbreak Exploits?

A few weeks back a bug was discovered in iOS 4 which made recurring alarms go off an hour earlier than set, if the iPhone tried to adjust for daylight savings in Australia.

Having been the victim of a similar bug in the “F1 Timing App” for the iPhone, which got me out of bed an entire week early for the Japanese Grand Prix, I can sympathise with those people in Oz who are waiting on a fix for their iPhone’s alarm clock app.

Today Apple promised a fix for the problem would be coming along very soon, in the shape of iOS 4.1.1.

We are hearing that iOS 4.1.1 will also patch the most recent jailbreak solutions which have hit the web in the last few weeks.

Are you sick of having to set your alarms an hour ahead? Or worried what else Apple may hide in this next update? Have your say in the comments…



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  1. Guest

    I switched to Android. Am sick of Apple locking off their devices and not letting me do what I want with my phone. Apple is even worse than MS ever was with their “securing markets” attitude. Byebye Apple !

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