Gold iPhone 5s First TV Ad ‘Metal Mastered’ Released

Gold iPhone 5s TV ad

Gold iPhone 5s TV ad

Apple has released its first TV ad for the iPhone 5s dubbed “Metal Mastered”. This comes just a few days after the company released print ads on the back of many top magazines. The new iPhone 5s ad shows gold taking liquid shape and flowing over the body of iPhone 5s as it turns it gold. It then shows a finger unlocking the device using Touch ID.

This year Apple launched two new iPhones, a plastic version and the flagship model. The company chose to promote the iPhone 5c first and even features in on the homepage as the page loads the first time. Many reports suggest that the company was facing low production yield for the iPhone 5s therefore it could be a thoughtful strategy to promote the model that is available in bulk. Since the iPhone 5c is comparatively easier to manufacture and with internals same as previous gen iPhone the availability wasn’t an issue.

Analysts believe that iPhone 5s outsells iPhone 5c in all major countries. The second round of marketing efforts seem to pass the spotlight to iPhone 5s, the flagship model. The new phone features faster 64-bit A7 processor, improved camera and fingerprint sensor.

The new advertisement plays the song “Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp in the background. This years choice of songs isn’t unique for Apple as it has been used for products such as Motorola KRZR, cometic products etc.

Shipping date estimates for the iPhone 5s have improved since last week as the company finally catches up with pent-up demand. We can expect more advertisements from Apple as the company prepares for yet another blockbuster holiday season.

Check out the new ad below. What do you think about this new advertisement from Apple? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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