Gesturizer: Another Reason Why You Would Want to Jailbreak iOS 5

gesturizer jailbreak tweak

gesturizer jailbreak tweakSome people debate whether Jailbreaking iOS devices had a future. With iOS 5 release date just around the corner which includes many features previously only available via Jailbreak will there still be a need to hack your device?

In my opinion the answer is yes especially when fantastic tweaks like Gesturizer appear in Cydia.

Gesturizer allows you to create custom gestures on your iOS device, both iPhone and iPad are supported, which go beyond the current jailbreak functionality enabled by Activator by allow you to assign touch screen drawings to launch apps, settings and webpages.

Installing Gesturizer is just a couple of clicks from the Cydia Store and a re-spring away and before you know it you are ready to assign an unlimited number of gestures.

Gesturizer doesn’t add any new icons to your screen but instead can be accessed via the settings page.

From here you can manage you existing gestures and add new ones. Add a new gesture is a simple 3 step process:

  1. Name you gesture.
  2. Assign the action.
  3. Record the gesture.

With those 3 steps completed you can now start using them.

To use any gesture you need to put it in the call listening mode so that Gesturizer recognizes your gesture. To do this all you need to do is simple double tap the home button and bring up the multi-tasking bar.

With the multi-tasking bar visible you can now write your gesture on the screen to activate the action.

To keep things simple I’ve set my most frequently used features to use the first letter of their name. For example to launch WunderRadio my favorite radio app I simply write a W on the screen and to launch the BBC website it’s a B.

Gestures aren’t limited to letters though, for example to access my wifi settings I draw a pylon and to my Fantasy Football website it’s a football including the laces.

All of these gestures have worked 100% of the time for me although if you do use symbols that are similar for different actions then you may not be so successful.

I love Gesturizer it’s exactly the sort of Jailbreak tweak that will keep me Jailbreaking for the foreseeable future.

Gesturizer is available in the Cydia App Store now for $2.99.


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