App Review: Feed Reader


I am happy to do the first review for one of the best RSS Reader Apps in the App Store.

– Support for RSS, ATOM or RDF feeds.
– Easily add multiple feeds.
– Download podcasts: You can watch or listen to podcasts offline using our download podcast feature!
– Search for podcasts: Using our search feeds feature, you can search for your favorite podcasts, such as Tekzilla from Revision3.
– Automatic feed discovery: Easily add feeds by searching for feeds to add. Allows you to type in a query and FeedReader will list feeds related to your search.
– View videos from RSS feeds.
– RSS player: Listen or watch podcasts from RSS feeds.
– Image viewer and downloader: Press the ‘eye’ icon button in the read view to download all the images in the article. You can also view these images while offline by pressing the eye icon again.
Launch feeds links within FeedReader’s embedded web browser.
– View feeds while offline.
– Landscape support: View RSS articles in landscape mode for better viewing.

I have been using FeedReader for over a month now and it sure does exactly what it says! FeedReader packs in powerful features which make it the most useable and a must have RSS Reader App in the App Store.

FeedReader searches for your favorite feeds and adds them for you. It displays the Feeds with images and clickable links. FeedReader supports an inbuilt web browser which is very useful when you want to read a feed entry and comment on a website. What makes this App a winner is the ability to subscribe and download Podcasts (Audio & Video) making it available for offline viewing or listening. It also has a “Mark All As Read?” option!

FeedReader is a must have RSS Reader & Player. I definitely recommend FeedReader.

Price $0.99

The Good

  • Subscribe & Download Audio/Video Podcasts.
  • Embedded web browser
  • Feed Search

The Not So Good

  • Cant rearrange feeds
  • App badge for unread feeds missing
  • Option to sync FeedReader with other services is missing


0 Comments on “App Review: Feed Reader”

  1. bconnors93

    Wow, i actually need this, i have like 40 rss feeds, and i am usually in school all day, so this will help a lot, bc i usually get like 220 feeds every day. Great Review!!

  2. Kevin Stauss

    I’ve never used RSS on my computer, but having it on my iPod would be so much more convenient that I may actually use it. Plus, it looks like a polished app.

  3. mrholder

    This is a great app. I already have it. It took me awhile to figure out how to add a feed, though. You have to be precise with the url to the feed, not just to the web site.

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