Facebook Releasing New iOS 6 Photo Sync Feature

Facebook Releasing New iOS Photo Sync Feature

Facebook Releasing New iOS Photo Sync Feature

Facebook is beginning to introduce a new feature in the Facebook application for iOS devices that automatically uploads all photos taken on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a private photo album on Facebook. After this, the user can then access all of their iOS images directly on Facebook and can choose which ones to share directly through their web browser as opposed to uploading individual images.

Facebook posted a page on their website, detailing the features of Photo Sync and how it works. Facebook uses background uploads directly through the Facebook application, entirely sidestepping Apple’s iOS 6 integration and special API’s. All users get a complimentary 2GB of storage to upload photos online.

This new feature allows users to manage their photos entirely online, with images being stored privately until the users chooses to share. The feature is not automatically enabled as that may cause controversy among iOS users, but gives users the option to enable it if they choose to utilize the Photo Sync service.

{Via MacRumors}


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