Eastman Kodak Wins The Latest Round of Patent Battle With Apple, RIM

Bad news for Apple and RIM shareholders today, as the two smartphone giants lost out to Eastman Kodak in a the latest round of their patent dispute.

Kodaks stock rose by 22% after news that the US International Trade Commission will review a judge’s view that ruled against the company in January.

Kodak claims both Apple and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion violated a patent relating to the previewing of digital photos on a smartphone. Unsurprisingly the two smartphone manufacturers disagree.

Apple and RIM aren’t the first Kodak has gone after – Samsung and LG felt the patent hurt back in 2008, with the pair settling for a combined $964 million. While Apple has more cash on-hand than they know what to do with, RIM won’t want to spend the money if they don’t have to.

Patents are proving a lucrative business for Kodak, with the company raking in $838 million last year alone. With that kind of money coming through the courts, who needs to make cameras!?

{Source: NYDailyNews}


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  1. PDitty

    Ya, your title is misleading. Eastman Kodak hasn’t won anything yet, and it still has to be proven.

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