Dots-n-Bombs Great Example of how to Convert a Simple Game to the iPad

Dots-n-Bombs iPad

Dots-n-Bombs iPad

Dots-n-Bombs [rating: 4.5/5]

During my youth I spent many an hour playing a variety of games using nothing more than a piece of paper and a pencil. From the traditional Noughts & Crosses, Sprouts and Squares to the more unique Cowboys & Indians and F1 Racing it was a cheap and easy way to pass some time.

I was pleasantly surprised then when I received Dots-N-Bombs to review which brings the simple game of Squares to the iPad.

I’m sure the game that I know as Squares is also known as many other names so here’s a brief overview of how Squares is played in it’s originally form. The game starts with a grid of dots and players take it in turns to join two individual dots together.  Eventually you will get to a position that joining two dots will complete a square and in completing a square you claim it as yours. The game ends when the entire grid has been completed and the player with the most squares wins.

With Dots-N-Bombs for the iPad the basic rules of the game have been retained but extra features have been added to which rather than taking away from the game instead enhance it and make it even better.

Dots-N-Bombs can be played against the iPad AI or against another player using the single iPad and there are 4 game modes to play too. Of course there is the Classic mode which is a simple representation of the paper based game which works perfectly and then there is Dots-N-Bombs mode were you have 30 seconds to make your move and get to use a selection of bombs that will either clear existing lines allowing you to rebuild again and a swap bomb that will switch your squares to that of your opponents and vice-versa.


This mode also works great, the time limit keeps things moving along and the addition of the bombs add an extra degree of strategy making it more of a challenge and ultimately more satisfying when you win.

There’s also a quick mode that limits each move to 10 seconds and then a custom mode which allows you to configure all the settings yourself. With these four modes there is something for everyone.

The game looks very nice, clean and effective, however the two players are identified by red and green stars and for anyone suffering from color blindness will find it almost impossible to distinguish between them. So the ability to change the colors would be nice.

The two player option works well too where you can either pass the horizontal iPad between players or with the iPad held vertically each player can sit at either end and play it without moving the iPad.

Overall Dots-N-Bombs is a great example of a simple game converted to the iPad, it keeps the simple things simple yet adds additional features that enhance the game play rather than confusing it.


  • Great conversion of a simple paper based game
  • Good two player implementation
  • Bells & whistles that add to the game play


  • Difficult for color blind players

Reviewed on an Apple iPad

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Updated:Sep 14, 2010
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Requirements:Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.


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