Dark Nebula Episode Two for iPhone. Upcoming Game Preview

Dark Nebula Ep 2_2

Back in October 2009 we reviewed Dark Nebula Episode One and raved about it great graphics intuitive controls and overall edge of the seat excitement. So the launch of the sequel brings high expectations.

This preview build enabled me to preview the first 7 levels of the 19 that are include in Episode Two and if these initial seven are anything to go buy we’re in for a real treat when the full game is released later this year.

The game launches with a movie link that reminded me of the claustrophobic and dark atmosphere of the Alien movies. When the game launches there I was surprised to find that there is an earthly feel to the first level with a rain forest feel to it.

This doesn’t last long though and by the second level we are back inside with an industrial style. Both look even more polished than the original Dark Nebula and it’s not only the graphics that have been improved upon.

In addition to the same challenges from Episode One there are new features, puzzles and bosses and that’s after only seeing less than half the new game. The game has been expanded to included left and right scrolling to add additional real estate to the levels and features obstacles to avoid. You also get armed with weapons at times that enable you to smash your way past some of the new enemies that are now included.

Online leader boards and Facebook integration are still included so that you can compare and boast you achievements. Overall Dark Nebula Episode Two had a lot to live up too and so far it has set my mouth watering with anticipation.

First Screenshots


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